League of Legends, Worlds 2020: G2 Takes on the East.

G2 catapults themselves into the semi-finals after a decisive 3-0 sweep against Gen.G.

G2 is reigniting the hope of the entire Western audience. The European squad swept Gen.G and pushed themselves into a semi-finals match versus Damwon Gaming. Each match was competitive early, but the aggression from G2 Esports was just too much for Gen.G to handle. The pressure was on the G2 Midlaner, Rasmus"Caps" Winther; no one was certain what player we would see — Claps or Craps. Needless to say, the Claps showed up big.

The first and second match was predominantly one-sided. The first draft from G2 was very early and mid-game centric with champions such as the Twisted Fate, Nidalee, and Jhin. The European squad was able to blast through team fights and keep Gen.G on their backfoot. Gen.G was forced into an unfavorable position and never got the opportunity to scale into the late-game with their Azir pick.

Game two was a very similar story. Gen.G focused on taking away the strong single lane match-ups from G2; the reward was another decisive western victory. Gen.G picked up the Twisted Fate, Nidalee, and Camille on blue side — three picks that G2 had played in the previous match. G2 responded with a Shen and what would later become a monstrous Sylas pick from Caps. The result was the same, G2 put their foot on the gas and never let up; Gen.G just couldn't seem to keep up.

Game three was a slightly different story. This time, Gen.G stayed competitive and matched the early aggression of G2. Western audiences felt the flashbacks of LEC's Fnatic getting reverse swept by Top Esports. G2 thought that they had accrued a big enough lead to force a fight in the upper left red-side quadrant, but Gen.G was able to kill four of the G2 members and follow up with a Baron. G2 was able to weather the storm, cut their baron push short, and secured their Infernal Soul buff. The European squadron caught Gen.G's Bdd in the mid-lane and would eventually go on to ace the Korean team, and send themselves into semis contention.

G2 looked to be in top form. Is this the year of Europe? Or will they falter as they did in their previous world final? Keep your eyes peeled as they stand solely amongst the Eastern teams.